Leisure programme

Although you are coming to Hanover to study, we are well aware that it is your summer holiday! Therefore, the IN SITU Orga Team has prepared a leisure programme, which will allow you to get to know each other, Hanover and the nice places nearby. Moreover, we will take everybody on a day trip to Hamburg and a three-day-trip to Berlin. Here are the most important leisure trips plus a couple of hints, where you could go in your free time:

Icebreaker - The beer garden experience

On your first evening, we invite you to join us at a local beer garden/lounge. The comfy atmosphere quickly makes strangers mingle, find similarities and lay the basis for lasting summerschool friendships. 

City Tour of Hanover

You would like to know where you are? Hanover is the capital of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) and used to be a Kingdom, the Kingdom of Hanover. It was governed by a younger branch of the House of Welf, in personal union with the United Kingdom until 1837, before being annexed by Prussia in 1866. These and more historic details about Hanover will be revealed on our city tour, where a professional guide will show us the most important monuments in the city centre. We will meet “under the tail” (You´ll soon learn what this means ;-)) Afterwards you are welcome to join us for dinner in one of the city centre bars and pubs.

Day trip to Hamburg

Get a great impression of one of the most important cities in Germany: Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the eighth largest city in Northern Europe. The city is situated on the river Elbe.

The official name reflects its history as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League, as a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, a city state, and one of the 16 states of Germany. Before the 1871 Unification of Germany, it was a fully sovereign state. Prior to the constitutional changes in 1919, the city state was ruled by a class of hereditary grand burghers or Hanseaten.

Hamburg is a transport hub, having the second biggest harbor in Europe (after Rotterdam). It used to be called "door to the world". Nowadays it has become a media and industrial centre, with plants and facilities belonging to AirbusBlohm + Voss and Aurubis. The radio and television broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk and publishers such as Gruner + Jahr and Spiegel-Verlag are pillars of the important media industry in Hamburg.

Maschseefest (The Lake Festival)

Every year the Maschsee turns into an international party mile with foods, beverages and music of every kind. One day we will invite you to join us and discover Hanover´s most sumptious lake party by night.

'Maschseefest', Kriki (own work), licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 and taken from Wikipedia

Weekend trip to Berlin

Let`s discover the capital of Germany. Germany used to be divided into Western and Eastern Germany. Berlin was on the territory of Eastern Germany, but it was divided as well - super complicated. In addition the Western part was divided between the English, the French and the Americans. These circumstances make Berlin one of the most interesting cities to discover, full of history, secrets and adventure. We will start early on Friday and have a guided City Tour. In addition we will visit the German Parliament. In the mean time there is plenty of time to discover your own favourite spots of Berlin.

International Evening

Tell your new friends about yourself and your country by bringing your national drink, food or whatever else you think will give an impression of your home country. And very important: don´t eat too much beforehand!

Marienburg Castle

The trip to Marienburg Castle is a bit of an adventure. First we take the train and then we have to walk for about an hour to conquer the undestructible castle walls. There we have the chance to make beautiful pictures and learn a bit more about the history of the Kingdom of Hannover and its connection to the current House of Windsor. Thereafter we can have lunch and enjoy the sunshine in the court yard.

'Castle Marienburg in Lower Saxony', Michael Gäbler (own work), licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 and taken from Wikipedia.

Tips for Leisure Activities in your free Time


One of the most beautiful Zoos of Germany, the Zoo Hannover, awaits you!

Herrenhäuser Gärten

Visit Hanover's famous baroque gardens! You can walk through the 'Großer Garten' and admire the grotto designed by Niki de Saint Phalle.

'Großer Brunnen in den Herrenhäuser Gärten', Johannes D (own work), licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 and taken from Wikipedia.

The New Town Hall

The Hanoverian Town Hall is also one of Hanover's most famous sights. Take a look on how Hanover has changed troughout the years and enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the dome.

Ricklinger Swimming Pool

Close to the New Town Hall lies the Ricklinger Swimmming Pool, which always has a temperature of 23°C. Its dimensions are nearly olympic with a length of 50m and a width of 21m. A diving platform is also available. In the immediate vicinity of the Pool, you also find idyllic lakes to enjoy the summer afternoons at.

Sprengel Museum

The Sprengel Museum is one the world's prime addresses for modern and contemporary art.

'Sprengel Museum Hannover', Pedelecs, licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0 and taken from Wikipedia.

Hanover Shopping

Hanover has many shopping opportunities. Just take the subway to 'Kröpcke' and you are surrounded by Hanover's shopping streets containing every store imaginable.

If you like an alternative, kind of  hipster style go to the Limmer Straße in Linden. Take line 10 toward Ahlem. Get off the tram at 'Am Küchengarten' or at 'Leinaustraße'.

Last but not least: clubbing in Hanover

A little party has never killed anyone! Apart from culture and shopping Hanover also has a  vibrant party scene. 

Basically there are two main areas for partying: Firstly the streets behind the central station. There are three popular clubs playing dance music here: The Baggi, the Dax and the Zaza.

Moreover the Steintor district includes the Sansibar. A club famous for being open until 10 am. So if you are interested in really long party nights this is the place to go to.