Legal Issues of Computer Gaming

Legal Issues of Computer Gaming


When it comes to gaming, most people usually think about it either as huge fun or as a huge waste of time. Whatever type of person you belong to, the topic also offers a lot of interesting legal questions:

- Which laws protect games?
- And even more interestingly: Are games protected as a whole or only in its single parts (e.g. music or code)?
- Are they art and what are the effects of the answer to this question?
- Does Valve need to take action because of Counter-Strike skin gambling?

The lecture focuses on European law. However, there will also be information on some German specialties which often lead to the production of German versions of games.

The lecture builds upon the lectures given earlier in the summer school and tries to consolidate this knowledge by using it in a new legal environment.

Take a look at the legal framework of a multibillion euro market!