Dear Professor Forgo,

I am writing to thank you for the great experience I had at IN SITU this summer and in particular, for your excellent course “EU Regulations of Information Technology”. This summer school was my first exposure to IT Law and I could not have asked for a more interesting course. Your extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and organization made the class a pleasure to attend and study for. Although I did not have an EU Law background, your lecture gave me a perfect insight on EU regulatory framework in information technology.

Originally from Iran, where failure or lack of regulatory framework in information technology sector is becoming increasingly evident, I am so keen about future reforms in Iranian IT-related laws. So far, the Iranian Legislature has been focusing on cyber-crime (Iranian Computer Crimes Law of 2011) and e-commerce (Iranian E-commerce Law of 2003--mostly based on UNCITRAL Model Law--). Although specific laws on data protection and e-privacy have not been adopted by the Iranian legislator, it is noteworthy that Iranian Constitution does recognize individuals’ right to privacy and Iranian Computer Crimes Law has penalized illegal access to personal data. Given the political changes in Iran, I am very optimistic of statutory reforms in both IT and IP sectors and I am very much eager to somehow contribute to any proposed legislative reforms intended to enhance data protection through what I have learnt at IN SITU and what I will hopefully study later. I also hope that possible scholarly cooperation with European Universities and Research Institutes provides Iranian lawyers and lawmakers with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and expertise in this growing field of law, as well as the occasion to exchange views.

Thank you again for being an inspirational professor and for getting us excited about our studies.

Kind regards,