1.2.- How do I know whether I’m eligible for IN SITU?

IN SITU is designed specifically for people, who have an interest in Information Technology (IT) and Intellectual Property (IP) Law. The curriculum of IN SITU was thus developed to cater for the needs of different groups, including :

a) Law Students

If you are a student, you should have finished your second year of studies and have a good understanding of the legal science otherwise you will not be able to follow the classes. Should this be the case and you are keen to learn about the legal framework of IT and IP Law, gain 10 ECTS and make lots of new friends, we look forward to hearing from you!

b) Prospective EULISP students

If you think of applying to EULISP and would like to see what it´s like to study in Germany and more importantly at the Institute of Legal Informatics (IRI) we look forward to receiving your application!  

c) PhD candidates in IT/ IP Law

If you are a PhdD candidate and want to broaden your knowledge in this field of research, find discussion-partners and use IRI’s infrastructure to proceed with your thesis, you are very welcome!

d) Fully fledged Lawyers and Paralegals

If you are already a practicing lawyer or a paralegal, and would like to gain a first insight into the ever more important area of IT & IP Law, we would like to hear from you!

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