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If you want to send us any certificates or supporting documentation, please use the file upload.

Terms & Conditions


General Terms


1. We require a proof of your enrollment as law student. Should you already have graduated, we require a copy of your certificate.

2. We do not require a certificate proving your English language skills, but participants should be aware that the language of the Summer School is English and that good command of the English language is required to follow the lectures and to pass the exams.

3. The deadline for applications for IN SITU 2020 is 15th June 2020.

4. Please send us your application using this application form.


Acceptance and Payment


5. When you are accepted as a participant of the Summer School, the Institute for Legal Informatics will send you an invoice. The Summer School costs 1450€.

6. The full fee for the Summer School is due on the day specified in the invoice. If you fail to make the payment until the specified date, we may give your place to another applicant. In case of an application by latest 15th May 2020 you will be given a discount of 150 €. However, this discount might be revoked in the event of default.

7. After receiving the full fee for the Summer School, we will send you a letter of acceptance and an invitation to take part in the Summer School.


Cancellation and Withdrawal

8. The minimum number of participants to proceed with the Summer School is ten. If there are not enough participants, the Summer School can be cancelled. In this case you will get a refund of 100 %.

9. In case you withdraw from taking part in the Summer School, we can only give you a refund of the tuition fee paid less the costs incurred by us at the time of the withdrawal. Please note that the institute has to make certain expenses (administrative costs, post fees, booking fees, etc.) a certain time prior to the beginning of the summer school. If you prove that the costs incurred are lower than indicated by us, we will refund the difference.


Final Provisions


10. This agreement is governed by German law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Germany.

11. In case any clause is found invalid or inapplicable by a competent court, this does not affect the validity or applicability of any other clause of this agreement.


I assure that I have good command of the English language, which allows me to take active part in the lectures and to sit exams.

I confirm that the information I have given in my application is correct.

I accept that I am responsible for obtaining a Visa (if needed).

I accept that I am responsible for my health insurance during my stay in Hannover.

Hereby I bind myself to take part in IN SITU 2020 and to pay the fee specified in the invoice I receive. Transfer costs will be covered by myself.

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