Since most of you are not familiar with Hanover and we don't want you to be lost we have compiled the most important directions:

Getting to the university after arrival

If you arrive in Hanover by plane you need to take the S-Bahn first (if you arrive via train you can read on at the next paragraph).The station is located between terminal B and C in the basement of the airport. S-Bahn line S5 is your train. It leaves every 30 minutes in the direction of Hanover. The ride takes approximately 15 minutes. Get off the train when reaching Hanover Central Station (in German: Hannover Hauptbahnhof).

Now leave the train level and walk out the station in the direction of the Ernst-August-Platz (hint: you can detect whether you are walking in the right direction by looking at the numbers of the platforms. Increasing numbers indicate that you walk in the wrong direction). You are now standing infront of one of Hanover's most famous sights: the statue of Ernst August. Walk on in the same direction till you reach the next big square (it is called the Kröpcke and you recognize it by the big H&M to the right or the Mövenpick Café to the left). This takes about 5 minutes and is a way of about 250m (depending on the pedestrian traffic in the city).

Go into the station 'Kröpcke' of the subway next (it is located underground). Take line 4 toward Garbsen or line 5 toward Stöcken. Exit the subway at the station 'Königsworther Platz'. The ride takes about 3 minutes.