Academic programme

The Summer  School IN SITU 2019 offers a three week academic training in Information Technology Law (IT Law) and is organized by the Institute of Legal lnformatics (IRI) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. 

IT Law regulates the use and exploitation of Information Technologies including the use of computers, the internet and so called “clouds”, smart phones, tablets and TV cable transmissions. IT Law is a new field of law, which emerged in the early 80ies. 

IT Law touches on several traditional legal disciplines such as European Law, Human Rights Law, Contract Law, Consumer Law, Private International Law and Intellectual Property Law, but illuminates them from an Information Technology angle. In addition, it embraces and promotes new legal disciplines which are inseparably connected to the information technology rise of our day and age. These include History and Theory of Legal Informatics, Data Protection Law, E-Commerce and IT Contract Law as well as cyber security issues.  Since Information Technologies, and the internet in particular, evolve and spread without stopping at national borders, IT regulation is strongly influenced by European and Public International Law endeavors to create a level playing field amongst the different nations.

As such IN SITU was designed and developed for people from all over the world with diverse professional  and academic backgrounds,  including undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD students, but also for fully qualified lawyers and paralegals , who would like to broaden  their knowledge  and  skills  in the  field of European Information Technology Law, which may be said to have a pioneering role in the world.

The summer school is held entirely in English. Though no prior proof of language proficiency is required, students are expected to have sufficient English knowledge to participate actively in the lectures and the leisure programme.

Please have a look at the programme of IN SITU 2019:

Course Descriptions

The academic curriculum of IN SITU 2018 was divided into different thematic blocks which cover the most important areas of Information Technology Law. IN SITU 2019 strives for a similar structure. The first block encompasses introductory lectures which lay the foundation for the later sessions that cover more advanced legal questions. The second block provides insights into different specific fields of IT law while the third aims mainly at exploring the connection between IT law and intellectual property law.

The course is completed with a 3 hour examination, in which students have to demonstrate that they can use the skills and tools acquired during the summer school to answer cutting edge legal questions in the fields of Data Protection, E-Commerce, Intellectual Property (as applicable to Information Technologies) and several others, such as IT-Contract Law or Cyberregulation.