The fee for IN SITU for external students is 1450 €. Below you find a summary of what the fee includes.

We offer an early bird discount: Applications received until the 15th May will be granted a discount of 150 €. Decisive is the date of the submitted application form.


Scholarships available

At the end of IN SITU we award 3 scholarships in the amount of 300 €. These scholarships will be awarded to participants who have been particularly successful in IN SITU 2020.


The cost of the accomodation is fully covered. This does not include the deposit which will cost 200 EUR, but which will be fully returned after your stay.


Although we try to cover most of the teaching inhouse, we strive to present you the most cutting edge topics, which sometimes requires inviting a guest lecturer from abroad. Although none of our teachers receives a fee, it is good practice to pay accomodation and travel costs for those lectures.


We organize a couple of trips and activities, i.e. most famously the trips to Hamburg and Berlin, including transport, accommodation and the entrance fees of activities organized by us. Please bear in mind: meals are not included on these trips.

Local Transport

Hanover is a big city. The accomodation and the university are unfortunately not in walking distance. Hence we provide you with a travel pass that allows you to travel within Hanover, i.e. use the buses and underground for free.  


IN SITU requires a lot of organizing in the background. Volunteers alone cannot be trusted to accomplish this task, which is why we have a designated IN SITU coordinater and student assistants to give you the best possible experience.

Additional cost you will have to cover

  • Your travelling costs to and from Hanover
  • Deposit of 200 € for the student accommodation (you will get a refund if everything is ok after your stay)
  • Food costs (lunch can be had for a good price at the canteen on campus, breakfast and dinner can be prepared at the student accommodation)
  • Private activities